My name is David Ong, I’m an Australian Entrepreneur working in China as an English Teacher as well as CEO of several start up .com businesses including: and

I created in response to many problems I suffered as a client of FXUnited and also to help others experiencing similar difficulties. I also found other websites scrutinizing FXUnited to be outdated and 3rd party comments in Forex websites to be under censorship(unhelpful). So many posted comments on the internet could not be verified to be true or not and many people who wanted to post their experiences (including my self) were prevented from doing so by the moderators of those websites without any explanation.

The purpose of this website is to encourage FXUnited to up their professionalism by putting pressure on them publicly. Simply having pre-typed “professional sounding” responses to client questions and comments is alone insufficient. We want actual “real professionalism”, not “apparent professionalism”.

There is also the loud question of weather or not FXUnited is a ponzi scheme (a type of scam). This website will prevent the careful investor from investing in FXUnited until it is proven to be a real broker because right now there is a real danger that it is a scam.

  1. The company needs to fix it’s delaying culture and stop making excuses for every delay in every kind of transaction involved in the company (withdrawals or deposits) and be pro-active in preventing delays: we need to see improvements not read excuses.
  2. The responses from support it self need to be quicker, it can take up to a week to get a response and sometimes longer depending on the type of query.
  3. There needs to be live or phone support better still both. At the moment the skype addresses posted on their website do not exist. And there is no listed phone numbers. So those skype addresses should be removed from the website or else it might create a false sense of professionalism in new tentative investors visiting the website. This is dishonest.

The culture of delays and subsequent excuses must stop. And if this is a ponzi scheme then don’t expect any improvements.

The false advertising of “live support” and “skype support” should either be removed or made real.


FXUnited does seem to be paying out moneys to CERTAIN clients on time and does seem to be a real opportunity to earn 11% per month to SOME clients. This is yet another problem: CONSISTENCY.

For a company to be professional it must treat all clients the same.

From June-July the company was “stateless” as it’s parent company GlobalUnited was de-registered in NewZealand however there are unsubstantiated claims that they have registered a new entity in Manila, Philipines. But the address and phone number of this office is still not listed on their website. There is also no “face” to the business. Normally a company has a CEO or a president such as Mark Zuckerburg for Facebook, Tim Cook for Apple and Bill Gates for Microsoft. But in the case of FXUnited there is no mention of any CEO or President. Instead you will have to do some googling to find out a few names of individuals that appear to own the country. This brings up another problem with FXUnited: Transparency.

This website offers tentative investors an inside look at the company before they decide to invest or not. There are serious problems with the company but PERHAPS it’s only temporary and this website will encourage FXunited to improve by providing a means of keeping FXUnited accountable in all it’s actions from month to month and year to year starting from June 2016.

This website will make my accounts and transactions public as well as accept information (with proof please) from other FXUnited investors (“agents”) to create a “big picture” map of what is going on in the company each month and year.

The objective of this website is to ultimately cause FXUnited to be more professional so that investors can enjoy the benefits of their high yield returns without suffering from the delaying culture of getting their profits out on time to enjoy them(for example I was counting on my profits in July to be able to go on a holiday, and because of the delays I had to borrow money from my parents, the money did eventually arrive but a month late). This will also satisfy another objective of us current investors being able to confidently vouch for the company without being dishonest about it’s abilities to deliver cash in a timely manner.

I cannot speak for other investors currently in FXUnited, but I want FXunited to be successful because it is in my interest. I’m not willing to give up on it because their 11% ROI per month can solve many problems in my life. However their tarrying culture is a severe issue that needs to be swiftly dealt with.