For all of you who lost moneys in this I would like to suggest that we form a company/trust. I’m thinking of registering “Phoenix Foundation” in either Malaysia or Australia. This Trust/Company will act a legal entity to sue the defacto and dejure directors of FXUnited and UGHL as well as act as a new investment entity to invest in companies we can trust that are profitable. I already know one called GMTrader. Go to my donation page to read more about it.

What I propose is that we invite investors who still trust us because we were honest enough to warn them away from FXUnited (I hope that’s you!) to invest instead with GMTrader (via TriumphFX).

So this Trust will have 2 roles:

  1. Sue FXUnited
  2. Start a new investment business (honest and transparent) to recover our wealth

We can learn from our mistakes of FXUnited and create real wealth, not fake wealth (like the numbers in our “wallets” in